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Supporting all cats at the Port of Los Angeles

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Our Cause

The Port of Los Angeles Cat Alliance Team (POLACAT) was formed in 2021 by a dedicated group of volunteers who saw the suffering firsthand of stray and feral cats at the Port of Los Angeles and decided something had to be done to help these innocent creatures. POLACAT is a non-profit 501c4 that partners with other non-profits, local shelters and private parties to improve conditions for all cats in and around the Port. While some cats have lived their whole lives on the streets of the Port, many have been abandoned or 'dumped' due to illness, injury, pregnancy or simply because owners could no longer care for them. Our team provides regular care, coordinates spay-neuter services, transports sick and injured animals for treatment, and rehomes as many cats and kittens as we can. We value the support of our community, partner rescue organizations, local law enforcement and local businesses, without whom we cannot succeed.

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Making A Difference

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Who's Who in Cat World

Keeping track of stray and feral cats at the Port of Los Angeles is a constant challenge. Not only because they can be wily and hide, but because cats are still being abandoned in these areas, some with serious health conditions. They can 'appear' overnight before our team has had a chance to establish trust or a routine making adequate care difficult if not impossible. The number of cats continues to be daunting and expensive to manage. Still, we cannot turn our backs on these creatures, and we are striving to make a difference.



Food and Water

At POLACAT, we are dedicated to meeting zero population growth at Terminal Island and other locations around the Port of Los Angeles. Through cooperation with partners and the community we believe we can make this happen. Donations of supplies, such as food or bowls, are just as valuable as funding. While we do our best to work with others including the local shelter to rehome cats that are adoptable, the more help we receive from the community the sooner zero population growth can be a reality.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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1621 W. 25th Street
Suite 240
San Pedro, CA 90732


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