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You Can Make a Difference

Cat Nibble


Help Us Reach Zero Growth

Managing the health and wellbeing of hundreds of cats, including making sure they are spayed or neutered, costs both time and money. Every donated item frees up funds towards spay neuter, and donations can also be made to POLACAT or to the veterinarians or partner rescues we go to for help. Every donation brings us closer to reducing the number of stray and feral cats in and around the Port of Los Angeles and meeting zero population growth, both humanely and ethically. Please feel free to contact us about how to donate supplies or funding.

Vet Holding Cat


Surrender Don't Abandon

Each time someone abandons a cat at the Port, it puts the cat at risk, in a hazardous environment where they regularly become sick or injured and simply do not survive. We understand that some people still believe a cat has a better chance of survival on the streets than going to the shelter, but this is no longer true. Los Angeles Animal Services has forged partnerships with other rescues including Best Friends to support the No-Kill-LA (NKLA) effort. There is no cost to surrender a cat to a shelter in the City of Los Angeles for cats found within City limits.

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